Can P Platers Drive Sports Cars?

Can P Platers Drive Sports Cars?

Can P Platers really drive sports cars? Won’t it be dangerous for someone new to driving to control a performance machine?

The opportunity to drive a sports car is definitely a very tempting idea. Everyone wants to have the chance to get behind the wheel of a supercharged monster and tear down the road like a speeding bullet.

The only problem is: not everyone can do it.

Especially if you’re one of those p platers. There is a strict restriction all p platers must abide regarding sports cars. You can’t drive one on public roads. But you can, if it’s on a private race track.

Can P Platers Drive A Sports Car
Can P Platers Drive A Sports Car

That’s why there are race tracks renting sports cars out to p platers. It’s actually a very lucrative business!

I Got My P’s! I Want To Drive A Sports Car

Ok, so you really want to drive a sports car. There’s a race track near you renting sports cars out. You just got your learner’s permit or your P’s. Good!

You’re all set.

Some race tracks don’t require a license for you to rent their vehicles. As long as you have the money, you’ll have the chance to take one of those supercharged babies out.

There’s a catch though.

You will have to earn enough points to drive faster machines. There’s a slow progression that you will have to follow. Someone will also be with you at all times.

First there’ll be an assessment of your basic skills. They’ll have a service car for that. Just like any driving school, an instructor will be with you ticking off his checklist based on what you do behind the wheel. You can also ask questions to make you a better driver but you should reserve that for driving school.

The result of this assessment will dictate what type of sports car you can handle on your next visit.

Race tracks usually have a point system to determine what type of car you can handle at a certain point in time. Keep the car under control and follow the instructor’s orders and you’ll soon have the chance to drive the fastest, most powerful car they have in their stable.

This is the next best thing to driving a sports car on the road. And hey, on the race track, there’s no speed limit.  

Progressing From L To P1 And P2

Learner's Permit and P Plates
Learner’s Permit and P Plates

You don’t want to be stuck fantasizing about driving sports cars down the road all your life though. Sooner or later, you’ll want to buy one and drive one on a regular basis. You can only do that if you have the proper license to drive a sports car on public roads.

Time to get that license.

Getting Your Learner’s Permit

This is where it all starts. You’re now 16. You’re now eligible to apply for a learner’s permit.


Time to take a more responsible role in society.

First, you must provide full evidence of your identity and pass the theory test. You can practice the theory test online here:

You’ll have to drive down to your local licensing office to take the licensing test. Once you’ve passed that and paid the fee, you’ll have your learner’s permit which is valid for 2 years. Make sure you don’t let it lapse for more than a year or you’ll have to redo the first steps again.

You’ll be able to drive a vehicle as long as you:

–          Have a Qualified Supervising Driver at all times.

–          Carry your learner’s permit with you at all times.

–          Don’t drink and drive and definitely don’t do drugs.

Don't Drink And Drive
Don’t Drink And Drive

–          Don’t use your mobile phone while driving.

–          Obey all traffic rules. You took the test, you know what they are.

To move on to becoming one of the millions of P Platers eager to get their P’s you’ll have to take a VORT (Vehicle On Road Test) and a CBT&A (Competency Based Training & Assessment.

Once you pass that, you’ll be issued a Certificate of Competency and be eligible for a P1 license. Welcome to the world of P Platers.

Becoming A P1 Plater

You will need to take the Hazard Perception Test to graduate from a Learner’s Permit to a P Platers permit.

Requirements for P Platers:

–          At least 17 years old

–          Pass the Hazard Perception Test

–          Have had the Learner’s Permit for at least 1 year if under the age of 25; 6 months if over 25 years old

–          Pass the VORT and CBT&A

P platers can only drive high powered vehicles if they have an exemption certificate. You will need to apply for that exemption certificate and pay a fee.

Getting Your P2 Plates

This is the easy part. Just hold on to your P1 License for a year and you automatically become a P2 Plate holder. Yey!

Good things come to those who wait.

You’re just 2 years away from graduating to a full driver’s license. This is the most crucial step to realizing that dream of driving a sports car on public roads. Don’t do anything hasty and just follow the rules. Avoid getting any tickets or demerits.

Graduating To A Full Driver’s License

If you successfully held on to your P1 license for a year and your P2 License for 2 years, have not been disqualified and passed the Hazard Perception Test (for those who are 19 years old), you get to graduate to a full driver’s license. If you reached 20 years old by that time, you no longer need to take the Hazard Perception Test.

All you need to do now is enter into the Safer Driver Agreement and you’re good to go!

Now you can drive a sports car on public roads and not just on the race track.


How To Lose Your License Quickly

Lose Your License Quickly
Lose Your License Quickly

Oh, and just because you already have a driver’s license doesn’t mean you’ll have it forever. If you don’t renew it, you’ll get penalized. You can lose it if you make one traffic mistake too many. You can lose your license in the blink of an eye if you do any of the following:

–          Don’t follow the road rules. This includes speeding, disregarding traffic signs, parking where you’re not supposed to and generally disobeying the law.

–          Your license can also be suspended if you don’t pay outstanding fines.

–          Get 12 or more demerits.

–          Accumulate 4 or more demerits while still on a learner’s or provisional license

–          Driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Refusing to submit to a test will pose a more serious offense.

Don't Drink and Drive
Don’t Drink and Drive

–          Get convicted for spraying graffiti.

–          Get caught driving when you’re not supposed to or are suspended.

–          Be involved in an accident where there is loss of life due to your negligence.

Fines can be imposed for most of these offenses but succeeding offenses or grave ones can lead to imprisonment. You can be disqualified from progressing because of any of these offenses. Disqualification can also lead to non-issuance of a license in the future.

Why Is It So Hard To Get A License And Why Is It So Easy To Lose It?

These rules and regulations weren’t put in place to make it hard for you to get a license. Driving is a privilege. Getting a driver’s license is a privilege. Public roads are meant to be shared by everyone.

There is no place for an unlicensed, untested driver to be driving on public roads. Allowing that could pose a big problem to the safety of others.

Your driver’s license isn’t just there for show. It shows you are a responsible individual who has undergone all of the tests and certifications to make you eligible to drive on public roads.

So, until you get a full driver’s license, try to follow the rules and just save all that money you’re earning now for a sports car later. Three years isn’t that long compared to getting disqualified for wanting to drive that sports car on public roads on a p plater’s license.

Just remember: Good things come to those who wait.

Related Questions:

What Type Of Sports Car Can P Platers Drive On A Race Track?

There are companies that rent out sports cars to p platers for driving around on the race track. The car choices are very extensive. There’s a catch though. You can only drive these sports car based on the point system they have in place. It’s a progression of cars based on your driving abilities.

Will I Get A Demerit If I Crash My Rented Sports Car On The Race Track?

You are protected from getting any demerits if you crash your rented sports car on the race track. This is a private environment. Therefore, public road laws don’t apply here. So, there are no demerits. After all, having to pay a large amount of money for that rented sports car is punishment enough.

My Mom Is Calling. Should I Answer The Phone While I’m Driving?

Don't Use Your Mobile Phone On The Road
Don’t Use Your Mobile Phone On The Road

Using your mobile phone is strictly prohibited if you’re driving on public roads. If you believe the call you are receiving is an emergency, pull to the side of the road, stop the car and take the call. You could lose more than your license in the event of a car crash. No call is worth an accident.

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