Can Pickup Trucks Drive For Uber?

Can Pickup Trucks Drive For Uber?

Is there a possibility that Uber has pickup trucks available for me to load heavy stuff in?

I’m one of the many millions who’ve benefited from the presence of Uber in my city. But I’ve mostly used it to transport me as quickly as possible from point A to point B. Now, what if I have a lot of stuff with me?

Can Pickup Trucks Drive For Uber?
Can Pickup Trucks Drive For Uber?

The answer is: Yes. Uber actually has a service that allows pickup trucks to drive for people aside from their usual sedans. 

But there are special provisions for drivers who have pickup trucks who want to become part of the Uber family.

Getting Started: So You Wanna Be A Driver

So, you want to be a driver.  Ok, well, there are three things you need to have or pass before this happens.

  1. Pass the minimum requirements set by Uber.
  2. Have the necessary paperwork.
  3. Pass the Uber vehicle inspection test.

Sound simple enough? Good. Let’s move on.

Minimum Requirements To Become An Uber Driver

Drive A Pickup Truck For Uber
Drive A Pickup Truck For Uber
  1. Are you at least 21 years of age?
  2. Do you have at least one year of driving experience?
  3. Have you been issued a valid U.S. driver’s license?
  4. Do you have a 2006 or newer 4-door pickup truck with a clean title?

If you answered “Yes” to all four, then you can move on to the next phase which involves paperwork. Otherwise, you may have to wait until you pass all of the minimum requirements to become a pickup truck Uber driver.

For paperwork, you need to pass these:

  1. Your valid U.S. driver’s license
  2. Proof of your pickup truck’s registration
  3. Proof of your pickup truck’s insurance

After you’ve completed these three preliminary requirements, you’ll have to sign for a background check to be done. This varies from state to state but it does have some standard items you need to pass with flying colors.

If you’re over 21 and under 23, you must still have at least three years history as a valid driver.

Your MVR (Motor Vehicle Record) should be clean. That means:

  1. No major moving violations including DUI (Driving Under The Influence) or reckless driving within the last seven years.
  2. No speeding tickets or failure to obey traffic law violations within the past three years. Three tickets and you’re out.

Most importantly, you should not have a criminal record including a conviction for a felony, violent crime, or sexual offense within the last seven years. Being registered under U.S. Department of Justice National Sex Offender Public website’s list is a definite no-no.

Still there? Good. Here’s a recap:

You will be disqualified from being a driver If within the past seven years you have had any of the following misdemeanors:

  • A DUI or drug-related driving conviction
  • A felony or misdemeanor for theft (burglary, stealing, robbery, or anything similar)
  • Acts of terror and participation in violent crimes including assault, battery, and/or homicide
  • Fraud
  • Fatal accidents, hit and runs, reckless driving and resisting or evading arrest
  • Property damage crimes
  • Sexual offenses
  • Any other felony that falls under this list

You will also be disqualified if within the past three years you were caught driving on a suspended, revoked or invalid license. The same holds true for your vehicle insurance if you have neglected it during that same time frame.

You’ll also get disqualified if you have accumulated three tickets involving accidents, speeding and other traffic violations.

Vehicle Requirements

Your pickup truck falls under UberX which is the basic service provided by the company. This category also includes sedans and mini-vans. But we’ll focus on pickup trucks cause that’s what we’re here for.

Uber Favors Four Doors

Four Doors Only
Four Doors Only

One of the main pre-requisites for pickup trucks to pass Uber’s standards is the presence of four independent doors. This means passengers will be able to enter or exit the vehicle on their own without any obstructions.

2006 Or Newer Vehicles Only

The company only allows vehicles manufactured on or after 2006 to pass the vehicle requirements test. Your pickup truck should also be clean, presentable and be in tip-top shape to provide service to passengers. A dirty or damaged pickup truck is generally frowned upon. And don’t forget to update your insurance.

Maintenance Is Key To A Good Livelihood

You’ll be using your pickup truck more than you normally would if you kept it as a private vehicle for private use. This means you’ll have to keep it properly maintained. Oil changes, refilling your brake fluid and ensuring there’s coolant in the radiator will increase its lifespan. Rotate your tires or replace them as needed to ensure you have proper road traction at all times throughout the changing seasons.

Don’t worry, you should be able to come up with enough money to keep up with the maintenance costs through your earnings.

The Waiting Game

Ok, you’ve gone through all the steps. What now?

Now comes the hard part: the waiting game.

The process involved to become a driver takes time. You’re not the only one applying for approval. This usually takes anywhere between 24 hours to a week depending on the number of applicants waiting in line. 

Not everyone gets approved on the first try.

If you don’t get approved, ask which areas you need to improve on so that the next time you apply, the chances of getting accepted increases. 

Try not to get in trouble while waiting for approval. In fact, try not to get in trouble at all whether you pass or not.

This is also the right time for you to perfect your driving and conversational skills. Invest in improving yourself so that once you get approved, you’ll be a well-equipped driver who can be very successful in this type of job.

How To Earn More Money As A Driver

Smile And Drive For Uber
Smile And Drive For Uber

One of the quickest ways to maximize your earnings per ride is to provide your passenger an enjoyable ride. Drive carefully but make sure they get to their destination on time. Memorize the routes as best as you can so you don’t have to rely on your GPS all the time.

Customer interaction is also one of the key ways drivers with pickup trucks earn money. You can start off with light conversation if the customer wishes to talk. Stay away from topics that would increase their stress. You can act as a tour guide by pointing out places they might find interesting.

Dress nicely. Be polite. Be courteous. Offer to help with their luggage. Be aware of what your customer needs aside from driving him from point A to point B.

These value-added services that you provide can earn you more tips on top of the regular fare. At the very least, ask for good ratings if they were satisfied with your service.

You could also opt for a more economical vehicle to use as your source of income. The savings you incur from lesser fuel consumption could be added to your total earnings for the day. 

Be aware of promos set by the company so you can take advantage of the discounts.

Impressive Pickup
Impressive Pickup

Consider getting the best, most luxurious pickup truck you can get your hands on. The Ford Raptor is one of those impressive pickup trucks on the market today that can leave your customers in awe or open up conversations. The comfort these top of the line pickups provide will also give them a more satisfying ride. The more satisfaction you provide, the easier it will be for them to hand you a generous tip.

The Power Of Leveraging One’s Self

Build a small fleet for yourself. One of the ways drivers can earn more money is by leveraging themselves. Build a small fleet for yourself. Find other drivers who will pay you a certain amount to use your pickup truck so they can make a living driving people to where they want to go.

Consider selling your old pickups if they’ve reached their half-life. By selling old cars you’ll get rid of unserviceable or high maintenance vehicles and get enough money to fund the procurement of a newer vehicle.

Be smart. Hold off on the expenses and focus all of your efforts on building your own empire. Who knows, you could be the next competitor Uber has to watch out for.


Uber Driver
Uber Driver

Congratulations! Now you’re on your way to driving your pickup truck and earning money through a service that helps a lot of people.

Related Questions:

Is Lyft Better Than Uber?

Lyft has a friendlier approach that differentiates it from Uber. The drivers are quirky, allowed to hold more than a passing conversation with passengers and their vehicles have a friendlier image. If your driver likes you enough, you’ll end up with a fist bump. Uber remains number one though.

Should I Drive For Uber?

If you passed the requirements, why not? You can control your time and schedule essentially becoming an independent contractor providing a service that pays good money. You can treat it as your main job or a sideline to increase your profit streams. If you have the vehicle, give driving a try.

Is There Any Other Way To Earn More Through Uber Other Than Driving?

The company actually has an incentive and referral system for all individuals working as independent contractors. You can earn money from convincing others to sign up as Uber drivers or riders through the referral system. There are also seasonal promos/bonuses that help you increase your earnings.

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