Why Do Luxury Cars Break Down So Much?

Why Do Luxury Cars Break Down So Much?

Do luxury cars really break down more than conventional cars? This shouldn’t be the case, right? After all, you paid more than the average car buyer, so shouldn’t you be getting more value from your hard-earned cash?

Luxury cars have more features than conventional cars. More features mean more points to break down in the future.

Think of a luxury car like a conventional car with more parts. More parts mean more points of failure. So, in a sense, the feeling that luxury cars break down more is relative to what type of vehicle you compare it to.

Do Luxury Cars Break Down More Often Than Conventional Cars?
Do Luxury Cars Break Down More Often Than Conventional Cars?

Let’s say you compare your Lexus to a Honda Civic. A Civic will have fewer parts to maintain than on a Lexus. If we set an approximate number to it, let’s say a Lexus has a 100 parts as compared to a Civic’s 50. This is just an approximation and a good way to round things off nicely.

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Should these two cars have a failure rate set at 10%, that would mean your Lexus would need to have 10 things repaired over a Civic, which will only need 5. When you compare it in that manner, luxury cars will seem more problematic although the failure rate is still within an acceptable number similar to a conventional car.

With that said, make sure you always have the Crescent 170 pc Tool Set in your boot to handle any issue when you’re out on the road.

Misleading Features That Makes People Believe A Luxury Car Breaks Down More Than A Conventional Car

Aside from what we’ve already discussed above, the difference between luxury cars and conventional cars have become smaller over the years. In fact, most of the features you would have found in luxury cars decades ago are now pretty much standard on a conventional car these days.

There lies the caveat. More features mean more parts to break down over time.

So, here are some things that still make a luxury car stand out from the rest and put it in danger of people believing they break down more:

The Price And Value Of A Luxury Car Is Different To A Conventional Car

This isn’t a really good indicator as some conventional and utility vehicles are actually more expensive than some luxury cars. Some people are made to believe that the price attached to luxury cars should ensure it doesn’t break down ever.

Make no mistake about it, luxury cars are expensive and this is because of all the additional features and functions thrown into the mix to make your luxury car as comfortable as possible whenever you get inside it.

Conventional cars on the other hand only include as much features as possible that can still justify their suggested retail price.

Luxury cars also have a unique ability to appreciate in value as opposed to conventional cars. This is a good thing for those who are in the business of buying and selling cars. The value of these cars is wholly dependent on the history attached to it and the achievements of the car line.

Conventional cars on the other hand quickly depreciate in value. Why this happens is entirely subjective and based on the market demand.

Take note: the price of a luxury car also includes the warranty and other add on services that aren’t readily available for conventional cars. Make it a point to take advantage of this by going to your dealer for every scheduled preventive maintenance appointment.

You’ve already paid for it so you might as well use it.

Quality Of Materials Used

Luxury cars are built better than most conventional cars. You can see it in the materials used. You can also feel it. Where normal canvas or pleather is used for upholstery, you’ll find real leather. Where you’ll find plastic inserts, actual wood.

Conventional cars can achieve an elegant look by using faux items. Luxury cars don’t go in this cost-saving direction. Luxury car manufacturers understand that their customer base isn’t hindered by a measly budget, so cost isn’t a problem for them.

Sadly, the high quality leather can also fall victim to the ravages of time and excessive UV ray exposure. When that happens, it will only take a short time for owners to feel dissatisfied and come to believe their car is old and not worthy of keeping.

Do yourself a favor and buy the Armor All Car Leather Care Spray to keep your interior looking good and new.

To minimize wear and tear, make sure no one sits inside with sharp objects that could puncture your costly upholstery. Furthermore, protect your interior with Vivid Tint to keep those pesky UV rays out.

Bigger, More Powerful Engines

Luxury cars have big engines. 

That’s a given. You can’t have a measly 1.3 cc engine inside the bay and hope to have a great ride. It simply won’t be able to handle pulling all the weight associated with the car.

Thus the need for at the very least, a V6 engine.

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Now, bigger engines need more preventive maintenance to ensure they run correctly. This is where having a warranty comes in handy because you can always bring it into the dealer’s and have it done by pros.

At the very least, invest in high quality motor oil from Mobil 1 to ensure everything runs smoothly.

Elegant Trim Accentuates The Car’s Lines

Perhaps what sets luxury cars apart from conventional cars is the amount of trim present. Where conventional cars choose plain rubber and plastic, luxury cars choose aluminum. Because of the contrast, it immediately adds noticeable lines on the luxury car.

Luxury Cars Have Nice Trim. Keep It Well Maintained For Its Pristine Looks
Luxury Cars Have Nice Trim. Keep It Well Maintained For Its Pristine Looks

Emblems, grilles, and other exposed areas of the car can also sport aluminum to further accentuate its elegant lines. 

That extends to the inside of the luxury car’s cabin.

Sadly, trim is also one of the first things that show wear and tear especially when you expose your luxury car to the elements a lot. Rust can eventually set in giving your luxury car that run-down look.

Extra Features And The Latest Tech Installed

Luxury cars are also known for having the latest technology installed. These modern features eventually find their way into conventional cars after a couple of years. Just like having a clock in your car. This wasn’t a feature available on all cars before and only luxury cars had it which set them apart from the rest.

The Latest Technology Can Sometimes Break Down
The Latest Technology Can Sometimes Break Down

Nowadays, all cars have it.

Airbags, internal lighting, seat belts, leather seats, these also used to be exclusive to luxury cars in the past and are now pretty much standard on conventional cars.

Having all of these extra features in your luxury car definitely makes the ride more safe, and comfortable but then again, these are also things that can break down. When left unattended, one or more of these components will affect the other parts leading to a total breakdown in the future.

These things can change over time. No doubt about it, car manufacturers will always find something to make their luxury cars stand out from the rest of the crowd and all you have to do is check it out before deciding to pay more for a car or not.

Paying More Money For A Car Doesn’t Make You Impervious To Damage

We all have to face the fact that luxury cars will break down eventually. It will break down faster if you don’t keep it well-maintained or ignore some of the warning signs. It’s not impervious to damage over time.

No car is.

Even performance machines like race cars and off-road machines break down just as much as luxury cars and conventional cars do.

The best thing you can do is prolong its current state by performing preventive maintenance. Get a Kayme 6 Layer Car Cover to protect your luxury car from external damage.

Keeping A Luxury Car Well-Maintained Can Quickly Rack Up The Costs

Your biggest expense after getting a car is going to be the cost of maintaining it. And this isn’t just applicable to luxury cars. Conventional cars need maintenance too.

The only difference between luxury cars and conventional cars is the amount of money needed to maintain them. It comes with a price tag. A luxury car has more expensive components. 

Maintaining Luxury Cars Can Quickly Deplete Your Resources
Maintaining Luxury Cars Can Quickly Deplete Your Resources

Therefore, getting a replacement should that part completely wear down is going to cost more.

But in essence, you’re just replacing the same parts on both luxury and conventional cars. The good thing is, higher quality parts break down lesser than cheaper components. So it should take twice as long for that expensive part to need replacing than something you ordered from the bargain bin.

Luxury cars have a maintenance schedule that you should pay attention to. Missing just one might void the warranty and that’s something you don’t want happening to you. Make sure you head to a certified maintenance shop because they’ll know how to handle your luxury car in a professional manner.

Make Sure You Have A Set Of Repair Tools In Your Boot
Make Sure You Have A Set Of Repair Tools In Your Boot

Failing to stick to your maintenance schedule can also make your vehicle’s resale value drop. Last but not least, missing even just one maintenance appointment could shorten your luxury car’s usable lifespan.

In Conclusion:

There’s no clear evidence that luxury cars break down more than the average conventional car. In fact, car manufacturers have installed certain features to ensure their machines won’t die out on you.

The only determinable reason why luxury cars break down all boils down to human error. So, make sure you operate your vehicle as it is intended and perform regular preventive maintenance as stipulated on the owner’s manual.

Keeping your car in shape and using it right is the best way to make sure it won’t break down on you in the middle of the road.

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How Do I Maintain My Interior’s Quality?

Protect your cabin from UV rays. Too much exposure to UV rays is the reason why cars’ cabins prematurely age. Install UV-resistant tint all over your car to keep those harmful sun rays out. Apply some leather protectant inside your cabin to keep everything supple.

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How Can I Keep My Paint Looking Spiffy?

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