Internet Reacts To Tesla Cybertruck Design: Find Out Why

Internet Reacts To Tesla Cybertruck Design: Find Out Why

Internet Reacts to Tesla Cybertruck Design
Image Source: CNN Business

Tesla founder and CEO Elon Musk revealed on Thursday the futuristic Cybertruck electric pickup. Less than 24 hours after the unveiling, Internet reacts to Tesla Cybertruck design and those reactions from netizens are quite varied.

But why?

Well because the Tesla Cybertruck design breaks almost everything we know about how a truck should look like. It’s boxy, it’s edgy and looks like its made for space exploration or even for a post-apocalyptic scenario.

The first thing you will notice about the Tesla Cybertruck is its futuristic design. It looks like something you will only find in sci-fi films like Blade Runner. But make no mistake about it, as this DeLorean looking pickup is just as functional as the popular trucks in the market.

While the Cybertruck may not have the sporty facade that many of its competitors have, it has a certain appeal that truck lovers will appreciate. For one, it looks like a tank without threads or turret. You may even compare it to an armored personnel carrier (APC), albeit it has a folding flatbed.

While the car was in itself a show stopper, there was also a moment during the presentation that has the Internet buzzing.

How the Internet Reacts to Tesla Cybertruck Design

The Cybertruck is almost a concept car rather than a car headed for production two years from now. The Cybertruck gained varying reactions on the Internet hours after it was unveiled. Some were quite amazed by its wedge-like design; that is the last thing you’d expect from your pickup.

The Cybertruck’s stainless body is said to be strong and even bullet-resistant. After a sledgehammer hit its doors without developing any dents, that claim is not too far fetch.

But some became quite skeptical, especially after an intriguing event that happened during the presentation.

Tesla suffers broken glass mishap at launch of new truck

However, when its armored glass was tested by throwing a metal bearing through it, the supposedly “unbreakable” glass, for lack of a better term, broke. Talk about a cringe moment. Musk embarrassingly find some positive during the failed test, saying at least the metal ball didn’t get all the way through. He later tweeted that the issue will be fixed later.

And so, began a tirade of jokes and memes that centers on how fragile the truck’s glass was. We wouldn’t be surprised if a meme about the failed presentation comes out in the next few days.

One of our favorites was a video clip taken in Paris where some guys were trying to break a very tough glass in a commuter shed.

While the incident may have brought a few laughs and giggles, it’s a trivial matter compared to what Tesla is trying to accomplish through the Cybertruck.

Is This the Future of Pickup Trucks?

Many of today’s pickup trucks have body-on-frame design and for the right reasons. This design can resist torsion or twisting loads effectively, which makes them great for towing and off-road driving.

Tesla’s Cybertruck, however, has a unibody design, which is commonly seen on smaller vehicles like crossovers and sedans. As a result, you could expect it to have better handling than its competitors.

It would also seem that Tesla eyes on overthrowing the Ford F-150 as America’s most beloved truck for over 30 years. After all, the Cybertruck almost has the same dimensions as the F-150.

Musk is betting on two things that can sway loyal Ford, GM, and Chrysler pickup owners. First, the electric drivetrain, which has an option of one to three engines. Second, the head-turning yet practical design.

Below are the other features of the Cybertruck, which makes it unique:

All-Electric Drivetrain

It may be the first time we might see an electric engine power up a pickup, but it’s happening. The combination is great on paper and might even be better in actual life. Tesla said that the top-of-the-line model with Tri-Motor All-Wheel Drive (AWD) drivetrain allows it to accelerate 0-60 mph in just 2.9 seconds.

Stainless Steel Exoskeleton

Tesla is known to produce revolutionary designs and safety features. This time they installed 30X cold-rolled stainless-steel into the monochrome skeleton of the pickup. The rigid structural skin provides maximum protection for passengers from things like debris or the harsh elements.

Tesla Cybertruck Exoskeleton
Image Source: Tesla

Vault-like Storage

The bread and butter of many pickup trucks is its flatbed, which in the Cybertruck’s case doesn’t seem to disappoint. It has a payload of 3,500 pounds, which could beat the 2020 Ford F-150’s 3,270 pounds capacity. Tesla is also planning to add additional lockable storage in the vehicle’s underbed, sail, and frunk (front trunk).

Spacious Interior

Initial pictures of the Cybertruck’s interior confirm that its a six-seater pickup with a 3-3 seating arrangement. Tesla also said the truck’s second-row seats would have additional storage under them. Moreover, they will also install a 17-inch touchscreen navigation system.

Armored Glass

Although it failed during the demo, Tesla’s armored glass holds much promise. After all, the car’s windows are made of glass and polymer-layered composite, which is one of the most robust materials around.

Tesla Cybertruck Specs

To get a better understanding, if this electric pickup truck can justify the hype that surrounds it, let’s look at the specs sheet.

Single Motor Rear Wheel Drive (RWD)Dual Motor All Wheel Drive (AWD)Tri-Motor All Wheel Drive (AWD)
0-60 mph Acceleration<6.5 seconds<4.5 seconds<2.9 seconds
Range250+ miles300+ miles500+ miles
7,500+ lbs10,000+ lbs14,000+ lbs
100 cubic feet100 cubic feet100 cubic feet

The Tesla Cybertruck will also have a ground clearance of 16 inches. Furthermore, it has a 35 degrees approachable angle and 28 degrees departure angle.

Tesla Cybertruck Prices

The Cybertruck is currently available in three configurations based on the drivetrain. Interested buyers can pre-order on Tesla’s website. However, production will commence in late 2021. Below are their prices:

Single Motor RWD$39,300
Dual Motor AWD$49,900
Tri-Motor AWD$59,000

Consequently, Tesla is also offering self-driving features for the Cybertruck for an additional $7,000. There is also a $100 pre-order fee on top of the purchase price.

Is the Tesla CyberTruck Worth its Price?

Even with all the information available, it’s too early to tell if the Cybertruck can live up to all the hype. People are also quite intrigued by its eye-catching design. However, many pickup owners are quite conservative in terms of how their trucks should look like.

The design flaws during the presentation may also prompt Musk and his company to redevelop some of the Cybertruck’s features. There are also several challenges when driving an electric pickup, including where to charge the vehicle. The Mid US, where the bulk of pickup sales are from, have hardly developed charging infrastructures.

However, there are lots of things that can happen before Tesla begins Cybertruck’s production in 2021. Most automotive companies are pushing for sustainability, and Tesla is in the frontlines of that revolution.

Tesla Cybertruck Worth
Image Source: Tesla

In any case, the Cybertruck is perhaps a testament that we live in exciting times. And that those which we only see in sci-fi movies can now become our reality.


The Tesla Cybertruck is slated to be one of the first electric pickups should everything go as scheduled. It has promising features that are both revolutionary and practical at the same time. We will undoubtedly hear more about this vehicle, especially once its first batch is released two years from now.

Related Questions

Are there any other electric pickup trucks in the market like the Cybertruck?
As of this time of writing, there are no electric pickups that are currently in production. However, several companies like Ford also expressed their interest in developing electric pickup trucks. Upstart tech company Rivian plans to build their own RIT truck next year and is eyeing a price tag of $69,000.

Is the Cybertruck for real or just a joke?
The Tesla Cybertruck is real and not an Internet joke or meme. Tesla is committed to producing the vehicle in 2021 and even accepts pre-order as early as today. Whether it will be a box-office hit or another flop for pickup lovers remains to be seen.

What are some of the Cybertruck’s competitors in the pickup category?
Based on its dimensions and specifications, the Cybertruck is slated to be placed in the full-size pickup category. These trucks are known for their towing power and large payload. American companies also make some of the popular models in this category among them are:

  • Ford F-150
  • GMC Sierra 1500
  • Chevrolet Silverado 1500
  • Ram 1500

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